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Affiliate Partner Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming an ExpertHelp affiliate partner. We believe we have one of the simplest and most lucrative affiliate programs on the web today. Our application process only takes minutes and you can be earning commissions in less than a day.

Who's It For

Our affiliate partner program is designed for website owners (publishers) who want to take advantage of ExpertHelp’s unique community software and revenue model and have less than 1 million page views per month.

If you have more than 1 million page views per month, then you may qualify for our While Label Partner Program. Contact us to learn more.

How It Works

In this program, a special tracking link is placed on the publisher’s website, pointing to the ExpertHelp community. This link includes a unique affiliate identifier to monitor all traffic originating from the affiliate’s site to the ExpertHelp’s community. When a user signs-up with the ExpertHelp community, the affiliate identifier is associated with that user. When that user submits an incented question and accepts an answer, the affiliate partner receives a percentage of tokens from that question.

What It Pays

Affiliate partners earn a 10% commission each time an Inquirer originating from the affiliate’s site accepts an answer for his or her incented question.

Here’s an example:

Question Incentive:                10 Tokens
US Dollar Value:                  $10.00
Affiliate Commission (10%):        $1.00

Getting Paid

ExpertHelp pays affiliates by the third (3rd) day of every month. You must have a commission balance of $25 or more to receive a payout. If your commission balance is below this amount at the time of payout, you continue to accumulate commissions until you reach this minimum balance.

ExpertHelp uses PayPal to send payments in US Dollars. When you setup your affiliate account, you provide your PayPal email address, which we use to send your commission payments.

Publisher Requirements

In order to qualify for the ExpertHelp affiliate partner program, publishers must have a minimum of 100,000 page views per month and pass a site review process. Once approved, affiliates residing in the United States must complete and return an IRS W-9 form to earn commissions.

Getting Started

Ready to get started? Click here to apply for an affiliate account.