I have a coolant leak on my 1993 300zx with 190000 miles and im not sure what hose its leaking from, there is a hose that looks corroded that i...

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I have a coolant leak on my 1993 300zx with 190000 miles and im not sure what hose its leaking from, there is a hose that looks corroded that i think may be the problem, It leaks slowly when the engine raises in temperature and drips what looks to be rusty water onto the exhaust manifold below. my oil pressure seems to be a little low aswell, i looked up a forum on it and it said it could be the oil pump or the oil pan could have been dented at some point, do you have any suggestions on what might be the next step to fixing these, and are these common problems for an older nissan

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Relly De Jesus
Nissan Mechanic

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Relly De Jesus
Nissan Mechanic

Hello Fletcher

How are you doing? Are you the first owner of this car? Can you somehow take a picture of the hose? You can send the picture to my email d**9@yahoo.com so that we can have a clear idea on what to do. I'll be standing by for your response.

Thank you



I will be the second owner of the car and yes i can take a picture of the hose but it will have to be tomorrow if thats alright

Relly De Jesus
Nissan Mechanic

That will be alright Fletcher. If the car sits low with aftermarket suspension then the oil pan may have a dent but it's not big of a problem. I'm suspecting the oil pump to be faulty that's why you have a low pressure or the strainer in the oil pan can be clogged which can be the case as well. I'll be waiting for the picture of the corroded hose Fletcher. Thank you.



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