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Expert Qualification

You can be confident knowing that all of our Experts go through an extensive qualification process to prove his or her expertise before they can answer your questions and earn money.

To become an ExpertHelp Expert, one must apply and agree to our Experts Program’s terms and conditions. After their application is approved, the applicant begins his or her qualification period.

Qualification Period

Qualifying Experts can submit answers to your questions, however their profiles are clearly differentiated from the profiles of regular Experts. Once an Qualifying Expert has answered enough questions and has received a high enough average answer rating, he or she achieves the rank of Expert Level 1.

Expert Levels

There are different levels of Experts. Every Expert begins their career as a Level 1 Expert. As he or she answers more questions and achieves higher answer ratings, his or her Expert level increases incrementally.

Experts at any level are free to submit answers to your questions and it isn’t always the highest-level Expert who has the best answer. We believe that each Expert has knowledge and experience different than those of other Experts. By allowing any Expert to submit an answer, there’s a greater chance you will receive the answer you are looking for. Of course, it is always up to you to decide which is the best answer (if any) and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Expert Reviews

We constantly monitor our Expert community to ensure each Expert is adhering to the program’s rules and regulations and we remove any Experts who are consistently under-performing. The result is only the best of the best Experts are answering your questions and giving you advice.

Our Experts are standing by to answer your question. So come on and give our service a try!